About Us

Good building is measured by the outcome. After all the resources and the manpower consumed in it, the client should be able to appreciate the value of his/her money spent in the endeavor. If the client doesn’t feel satisfied, then the contractor must have failed him/her. We are a contractor company based in Los Angeles and we believe in the power of good building. We like it when our clients come to us with gratitude and not complaints. Whether it’s a restoration or a new home project, we can handle that according to your budget and style needs.

Natural construction

A perfect building should appear naturally fit. It’s the attempts to defy nature that lead to friction between the contractor and their clients. We are a team that brings things of the table and solve them in advance even before we start building. We ensure that materials used are locally available and of standard. We also don’t hire builders who have failed before. We pick only the best elements as the clients would love. That explains why our clients have support in us. Furthermore, we know that natural building technologies are the best ever. With these applied with professionalism, they determine the difference between a beautiful comfortable home, without water damages like mold, and one you don’t like living in. We focus on the elegance and the connection to nature through stylish designs that use natural lighting and adequate spacing. We also create an amazing outdoor area where people will talk about as they pass by. We can make new your old home built in the 1800s.

Our operation

We don’t adopt a routine operation model. Instead, we treat each project differently. It’s the best way to ensure that all clients are served according to their specific needs. Once you call us to work on your project, we discuss on the features you would like fixed in your new home. We will analyze all your needs according to our rich experience in the industry and determine proper estimates regarding budget.  After all the arrangements are made and the contract is signed, the workload is now ours. We believe that all the stakeholders should enjoy in the process. We prepare a project plan and a project schedule to determine cash flows and deadline date of completion after a close evaluation of the project needs.

Tasks are then shared among the team members in advance to ensure that work flows as planned staying on cost and time limits. In the process of building we ensure clear communication, proper decision making and in advance problem solving for any issues arising. Our process is effective and super-efficient. It has delivered many other previous projects on time and within the budget margins. We have skilled engineers coordinating the team and creating a conducive environment for all to work to the highest output.

You can rest assured that someone is working on your new home; one you will love. Being quality oriented, we believe that we are second to none around Los Angeles. Come to us and we will show you why.