What makes a perfect contractor? I can tell you, there are so many considerations that have to come to play. But knowledge is above them all. That’s why training is essential before one calls himself/herself a contractor. And that is something we don’t gamble about in Wandell’s working crew. We have a reputable team on board. These are people with a nice track record of building to the satisfaction of the clients as well as the regulatory bodies. We deliver modern buildings as well as traditional tastes according to the clients’ needs. While we deal with actual construction mostly, we also offer consultation services.

We got you covered

Our clients may not understand about every detail of what they want. That’s why we keep engaging them to advice accordingly. There is so much that need to be checked during construction to ensure that cost and time limits are not exceeded. A complete building that a client will accept has to have all the systems that are necessary to facilitate comfort and functionality. These include thermal properties, natural lighting and light systems, plumbing systems, power systems, networks and what have you. On top of that, there are features that need to be addressed as well including fire resistance, pest resistance, theft resistance, weather resistance etc. Even though our clients may not mention all of these stuff, we know it’s our responsibility to deliver a wholesome project. Otherwise, the home has to be livable.

We address all building variables

Building a home without specifications can be similar to walking down a road you don’t know where it leads you into. Our bit is to foresee how you would like your building and then come back to check at your budget. These two go together. You are free to make as many demands as possible for your custom home project if you have enough budget. When you have less budget, it does not mean that you don’t get a home. We build a custom one that matches your budget advising accordingly about cost. Any element will have a cost factor in it. We have to coordinate performance, aesthetics, finishes, health, safety and lifetime of your home to deliver quality. Want a new home, go nowhere else. We will take care of you.

With our experience on delivering integrated buildings, we are not selfish. We have learnt a lot for the many years we have operated in Los Angeles. We are willing to share the knowledge with volunteers and interns who are interested. We give back to the community as well.