Why Hire Us

Construction industry is one that is very promising as people have to seek housing as their basic need. However, there are so many construction experts and contractors coming into the market every year. Some of them just have papers and no experience on how to build a house right. At Wandell’s working crew, we stand out in excellence. We have a special craftsmanship and usually delivers quality for all homes we build. Our clients in Los Angeles can confirm that. We build homes from scratch or renovate worn out ones. We build custom houses full of elegance and long lasting value for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. If you have a home project, we will be ready to take it up. We will handle the project with responsibility and deliver value for money.

We are a resourceful company

Our good commitment and long experience allows us to be flexible in how we carry out construction business. We are well equipped to build different types of buildings as our diverse clients around Los Angeles demands. In construction, it’s about satisfying the client. All our objectives are focused on that. Whether its estates, custom homes or a restoration project, we promise to deliver quality. We have handled projects of different styles and sizes. Be sure we will take care of yours as well.

We stick to specifications

It’s very easy to listen to clients briefs but we understand to deliver exactly what they want is never easy. That’s why we have to work closely with our clients and ensure that whatever materials and products we are using are the kind they desire. We come up with specifications as instructed and adhere to them. It’s one of the reasons why we are always on budget and on time as there is no need for much additions or omission adjustments.

With or without a lot

Two main types of home projects exist. It’s either you have your own lot where you want to build a new building or restore an existing one. In this situation, the project becomes a custom home. You are the boss and have to instruct us on what to build and what features you wish to have. The design is completely from scratch and only owned by you. If you don’t have a lot, then that’s another case. We can build a home for you and sell it to you together with the lot. The land price will be accommodated in the total building cost. You don’t have to worry that you don’t have a plot of land. Come to us we will build your dream home together with the features you like.

We are unique

We build stylish buildings with whatever taste you prefer; modern or traditional. Starting from the main structure, finishes, roof, and the outside look, we guarantee quality. Worry not about our registration or compliance. We have met all the requirements for a complete builder in Los Angeles. We welcome you to our office and we will deliver the promise.